My Top Ten Tips for Keeping an Organised Diary

Lets face it all Mums these days need to be a Fairy Godmother and wave their magic wand to make sure that the whole of the family have their numerous events, appointments and other social engagements synced. Now that my Daughter has started full time School I decided that I needed to be more organised with planning my week. I was going to wait until the end of the year to purchase a new diary, but I happened to be browsing in Waterstones last week and found an excellent new diary called the Family Life Book 2017 by Organised Mum (RRP: £14.49).

I have tried many times to used an electronic diary either on my smart phone or via Google Mail. Of course there are many benefits to having your diary online including being able to access it online at anytime.You can share it with other members of your family and make any changes instantly. However something just doesn’t sit right with me and electronic diaries. I am quite traditional and like to hold my diary in my hand, keep it in my handbag and always have it as a record for years to come if I want to look back and see what I did on a particular day.

This diary runs from academic year August 2016 until December 2017, which for a busy Mum actually makes more sense than your usual January to December diary.

 One of the best features for this type of dairy is that it has seven columns which you can use to document each member of your families daily appointment or activities. So it is perfect for me to keep track of which after school clubs my Daughter is participating in and to make sure I know what her pick up time is each day.

At the front there is a useful Weekly Routines page so you could put regular clubs or activities here also, if you don’t want to keep repeating yourself. An added extra is that you get some great stickers included. So you can stick them on the relevant pages so that these events or appointments stand out.


Other extra features include: To Do section, Budget, Income and Outgoing set out for each month, Christmas Plans and Shopping Lists, Summer Holiday Planner, removable shopping lists, separate address book and a pouch to the back cover which you can store sheets of paper/notes/flyers ect….

My top ten tips for keeping an organised diary

  • Consider writing everything in pencil, then if your schedule changes you can just rub it out and start again, it keeps everything neat and tidy.
  • Take the time from the start to write in all of your child’s important dates and holidays relating to school including parents evenings then you won’t miss a thing!
  • Ensure you have all family birthday and anniversaries written in, then no more missed or late cards.
  • Why not take a photocopy of your weekly page and give it to your partner or even your older children to put up in their bedrooms, that way everyone knows that is happening week to week.
  • This diary includes a column for Meal Ideas so try planning your meals the week before and shopping lists will become more organised.
  • Try to write appointments in your diary straight away when you know them.
  • Keep all your previous years diary in a designated storage box, that way if you every need to check where you were it is easy to locate.
  • Using stickers helps to make important events stand out.
  • If you like writing ‘To Do’ lists why not keep these on your diary page instead of on random bits of paper or post its.
  • Keep your diary with you at all time, it might weigh your handbag down a bit, but I think it is worth it!


Organised Mum sells lots of other products that can help you in this busy life such as: Calendars, Receipt books, Budget Books, Children’s Reward Charts and Stickers.


This post is an honest reflection of my opinion of the above product. It is not a sponsored post and I have not received any payment or products for writing it.

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