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Amelia has now completed her first full term at primary school and has settled into the daily routine, so when I came across Education Quizzes I thought that this would be an ideal time to start some extra learning to support the curriculum taught at school. Quizzes are written by teachers and are designed for children of all ages and abilities. The objective is for children to be successful at school and this can be achieved by having a suite of quizzes accessible at home.

I plan to take the opportunity of the Christmas Holidays to start reinforcing many of the things Amelia has learned in the Autumn term. I’m lucky that she is very keen to learn about new topics and improve her numeracy and literacy skills. This subscription is something that can be easily accessed on a tablet or out and about on my phone. I also took the time to research the site from an older child’s perspective and found that the material is very extensive and would support a child up to GCSE level. There is the option to purchase test papers at an additional cost, which I think would be a great help in the preparation for exams.


Amelia is in Reception at the moment so we have focused on KS1 quizzes. We found the quizzes really interactive and fun to complete.The multiple choice answers makes it a lot more likely that Amelia will be able to give a correct answer, this in turn builds on her confidence. When a correct answer is given, this leads on to another talking point or topic for discussion with your child. I think this is a great feature, as it gives you the opportunity to interact more in depth with your child on this topic.


The subscription has a Parenting Section, which focuses on particular issues that your child may face at school such as bullying, body image, self-esteem and discipline. You can read through the various sections, plus take quizzes yourself to learn more. I think this is a very helpful section especially for parents who have children that have recently started school.

One last useful part of the website I would like to mention is the reports section. This is a really great resource as it allows to you to see which quizzes your child has completed and what scores they achieved. You can adjust this to a particular date range to monitor your child’s progress.


The cost of the monthly subscription is £9.95 and can be cancelled at any time. For the amount of resources you get I think this is excellent value for money. There is also the option for the School your child attends to purchase the monthly subscription. The cost per child could be as little as £2.00 per child depending on the number of sign ups. Maybe this is something that you could approach your child’s school with as a potential to improve learning at home?


Disclosure: I have been compensated for my time in writing this review and was given access to the site. All opinions are my own and are an honest reflection of what I thought.

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