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When  I first started blogging I wrote to Childs Farm as I knew they had an Ambassador Programme and to my surprise they accepted me! I wasn’t expecting it as I was still really new to blogging. Since then I have been involved with the brand in many ways from giving out samples to researching promotions for them. It was really important for me to be involved in a skin care brand that was free from nasty chemicals, as I have an allergy to MI also known as Methylisothiazolinone.


Both myself and my Daughter love Childs Farm because all the products smell so gorgeous! But not only that they really are gentle on the skin. For daily use we currently use the Shampoo and Conditioner, which is great for sensitive and eczema prone skin. When we go swimming we love to use the shampoo and body wash as it is an all in one product and removes the chlorine from the skin effectively.


I really like the bigger 500ml pump size products. Not only are they excellent value for money, but they are really handy to use in the bath or shower. We have just tried out the hair detangler pump spray and I found it to be a really effective to comb through after Amelia’s bath as she has really thick wavy hair.

While I was on the Childs Farm website recently I noticed that they were selling a great product called Cuddle Twist. It is a brilliant idea because it cuts down on the amount of time you need to use the hair dryer on your little ones hair (my Daughter has never been a fan of using the hairdryer). It is 100% bamboo and really soft, so I just pop it on when Amelia comes out of the bath and it stops the wet pyjamas issue. This brilliant idea also was a GOLD award winner in the Bizziebaby Parent tested awards.



Don’t forget if you would like to purchase any Childs Farm products you can via the Online Shop and if you enter the code CFAMB298 then you will receive 30% off at the checkout.

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I hadn’t even heard of Methylisothiazonlinone (MI) until yesterday and now after a bit of internet research and looking at all of my beauty and household cleaning products I’ve realised it is everywhere! This is going to be a very costly experience for me as I am going to be getting rid of a lot of products and replacing them all with things that don’t contain this nasty chemical.

My story starts with a strange rash that I keep getting under my eyes. It comes and goes, sometimes I have it for a couple of days and other times I have had it for up to a week. My under eye skin is not just red and inflamed, but also sore, dry and my skin feels tight. I look like I have just done a round in a boxing ring! I’ve spent months wondering why it comes, eventually putting down to something to do with my hormones. But there must be something more to it surely?

2016-07-29 13.11.34

So I have been trying to see if it links with anything I use on my face? We recently went on holiday to Majorca and I was applying sun screen on a daily basis and it was definitely worse then. Plus I have had a few episodes recently when I have used make up remover wipes and sure enough my skin feels like it is burning.

Last week I decided to go and see my GP about my rash. He looked at it and said it was probably a contact dermatitis or allergy caused by make up? He prescribed Hydrocortisone 1% cream, which I have used and it did improve things a bit. However I am not keen to use a steroid cream in this area for too long as it can cause the skin to thin.

So what is methylisothiazolinone?

‘It is a powerful synthetic biocide and preservative within the group of isothiazolinones, which is used in numerous personal care products and a wide range of industrial applications.It is a cytotoxin that may affect different types of cells. Its use for a wide range of personal products for humans, such as cosmetics, lotions, moisturiser, sanitary wipes, shampoos, and sunscreens’.

It can also be known under these other names:

Amerstat 250
Euxyl K 100
Fennosan IT 21
Grotan TK2
Kathon CG
Mergal K7
Metatin GT
Methylisothiazolinone (MI)
Mitco CC 32 Lafterwards

My plan now is to no longer use any product that contains Methylisothiazonlinone if I can help it and actually in turn try to use more natural based products. That includes for me and my four year old Daughter. I work as a Practice Nurse and I am constantly washing my hands, so now am seriously thinking about taking my own soap to work. The liquid soap that is provided at work in dispensers could also contain MI I don’t know. If I was to get this reaction on my hands it could stop me working as a Nurse.

So on my list of things to do today is to search out some MI free products luckily I live near by a really good Health Store called As Natural Intended. So I will be heading down there later to have a good look around. In the meantime I have been using Weleda products as they are MI free. I was getting in to a vicious circle of applying make up and then taking it off with a make up remover which was making my skin flare up and then putting make up on to cover the redness which was in turn making it worse. I found Almond Soothing Cleaning Lotion by Weleda which doesn’t seem to irritate my skin, so I will be using more Weleda products in the future.

So next time you are in the supermarket or Chemist take a closer look at the ingredients label. For example the following products all contain MI: Baylis & Harding, Funky Farm, Bath & Shower Gel for Children, Fairy Washing Up Liquid Original, Aussie Shower Smoothie Body Wash and John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo. Beware!